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We strive to develop cities based on the Smart City concept using our experience and state-of-the-art technology to improve the safety of residents and the quality of life in cities, ensuring the road infrastructure is efficient and reliable.

About us

For over 30 years, we have been providing solutions for road and traffic-related infrastructure, ensuring its reliability.

Our company provide a Monitoring Centre that operates 24/7/365. We use a proprietary IT platform for road infrastructure management when executing contracts. The Monitoring Centre provides maintenance service management.

We carry out maintenance and execution contracts for ITS equipment (including IoT), traffic lights, street lighting and fibre optic networks. Furthermore, we modernise teletechnical, electrical and power installations.

Realizujemy kontrakty utrzymaniowe, jak i wykonawcze w zakresie urządzeń ITS (w tym IoT), drogowej sygnalizacji świetlnej, oświetlenia ulicznego czy sieci światłowodowych. Budujemy i modernizujemy instalacje teletechniczne, elektryczne i energetyczne.

Completed investment projects
years in the road and technical sector
million PLN value of already realised implementations


The technical infrastructure monitoring centre
We maintain and service technical infrastructure components, equipment and systems.
ELDRO24 – digitalisation of maintenance contracts
Platform supporting the implementation of maintenance contracts for road equipment.
Maintenance of traffic lights and ITS equipment
We maintain and service technical infrastructure components, devices and systems.
Road and traffic-related infrastructure
We build and modernise road infrastructure, including traffic lights and telecommunication installations.
Traffic engineering - designs and simulations
We design permanent and temporary traffic organisation, develop traffic simulations and carry out traffic measurements.
Open data
Through legal and technological analysis and implementation of an open data platform, we address the process of opening up data in the public sector.
Cloud solutions - Google Partner
We deal with the migration of data and systems to the cloud and the implementation of platforms.
Pedestrian Button
Modern design, focusing on the details. Explore the pedestrian button series, with optical confirmation of reporting and acoustic and vibration signals for the blind and visually impaired.

We have been taking care of the technical infrastructure since 1992

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We use our experience and knowledge to support clients on a selected scope and complete the contract comprehensively.

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