Project Description

Vehicle identification system

Investor: public entities

Time of implementation: June – November 2019

Security systems


Smart City

Some public and private entities need specialized software to correctly complete their tasks.

For our Client, we have created a vehicle identification system that uses specialized cameras allowing recognition of number plates. It is a system that consists of several individual applications and several dozens of vehicle identification stations. The system transfers data collected from ANPR cameras to the central system, where they are processed. It allows users to communicate with the primary system and to adjust vehicle identification stations accordingly and with the record of completed tasks. Data retrieved from devices are grouped and encrypted, and then sent to the operator.

The system has been designed in such a way that it is resistant to faults of individual devices. It is managed via the Client’s application, which allows assigning access and permissions to users. It’s main features are:

  • displaying data from vehicle identification stations
  • presentation of charts and reports
  • visual representation of data on a map
  • communication with users via email and SMS notifications
  • remote monitoring of works and configuration of vehicle identification stations

Scope of executed works

design and production of an encrypted method for data transmission between devices and the central system

programming of communication standard between elements of the system to improve transferring configuration data and control data

creation of Client’s application which allows processing data from dispersed devices

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