Project Description

Development of the TRISTAR system

Investor: Qumak Sekom S.A.

Contracting entity: Cities of Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot

Time of implementation: 2012 – 2015


Smart City

smart city

Road and roadside infrastructure


TRISTAR Integrated Traffic Management System is a Smart City solution whose primary function is to improve road traffic flow and safety in the whole metropolis. Its implementation required the creation of  large, uniform infrastructure. To achieve that, companies of various specializations were engaged. In the development of the TRISTAR system, the following elements were used:

  • 500 km of cables
  • 137 km of new conduits for electrical installations
  • 147,8 km of fiber-optic cables
  • 2226 street signs, traffic lights and audible signal devices
  • 79 IP cameras
  • 47 parking signs and boards
  • 18 boards and 8 variable messages signs
  • 23 speed measurement devices
  • 35 red light cameras
  • 679 poles and 242 cantilever structures

Within the scope of the project, ELDRO performed several works – we modernized the traffic lights and replaced equipment at 86 intersections in Gdańsk and Sopot, and integrated them with the TRISTAR system.

The system was launched in December 2015. Since then, ELDRO has been a part of its development, implementing TRISTAR at other intersections by constructing both traffic lights and their controllers. We are also responsible for the ongoing maintenance of TRISTAR system equipment (for details, click HERE).

Scope of executed works

either construction or modernization of traffic lights

adjustment or replacement of traffic light controllers and their integration with the TRISTAR system

development of average speed camera system

development of the red light camera system

mounting of Public Transport Information System screens

implementation of public transport priority system

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