Within the framework of 2.2.1 Pomorskie Voivodeship Regional Operational Programme for the years 2014 – 2020, ELDRO TECHNOLOGIES Ltd. implements the project named “Improvement of competitiveness of ELDRO TECHNOLOGIES Ltd., through the development of a new product and increase in the market of customers”.

Project objectives:

The project involves the creation and implementation of a new product to the company’s offer, by means of the purchase of tangible and intangible assets. The original product is an application that allows for monitoring of road infrastructure devices.

The main objective is to implement a new ELDRO-24 product to the offer of ELDRO TECHNOLOGIES, which will allow acquiring new clients as well as to increase the number of customers and to enter new markets.

Specific objectives:

A purchase of equipment to create an innovative ELDRO-24 product.
A purchase of support programs which will be applied in providing additional services related to the optimization and design of road infrastructure control, especially within the local TRISTAR system.
To acquire new customers and new markets owing to a new product.
To gain a possibility of extensive product testing, thanks to the established Partnership.
To develop and strengthen the company’s position by acquiring new customers.
To increase revenues of ELDRO TECHNOLOGIES Ltd.

Expected results:

The investment will contribute to the breaking of development barriers, thanks to the introduction of a new product for a wider group of customers and thanks to gaining independence from the ELDRO Group. The company will be able to diversify its sources of revenue due to the possibility of winning customers outside the group and entering new markets. It has been planned to sell the product throughout the country. The investment also meets the conditions for the implementation of Smart Specialisations of Pomerania Region in the area of Interactive Technologies in an information-saturated environment within the scope of the subject matter of Section 2. Built-in systems for intelligent spaces, the Internet of things.

Project value: PLN 1 432 827.00

The contribution of European funds: PLN 449 487.60