Road and roadside infrastructure

Traffic lights at the Outer Port in Gdańsk


The Directorate of Sea Port of Gdańsk Inc.


NDI Inc.

Time of implementation

2019 – 2020


Implementation details

Works related to the modernization of the Gdańsk Port were carried out as part of the “Connecting Europe” program co-financed by the European Union and covered both the area of the Inner Port (running along Martwa Wisła and the port canal) and the Outer Port located in the waters of the Gulf of Gdańsk.

The purpose of the investment in the Outer Port was to improve road accessibility to the bases located in the port area, which is why the construction of such infrastructure elements as a parking lot for trucks, railway tracks and engineering facilities was carried out as part of it. Due to the increased rail and car traffic leading to the transhipment terminals, the internal road was also reconstructed, separating two lanes in each direction and two left-turn lanes at the intersection of Kontenerowa and Portowa streets. To improve safety on the modernized road, ELDRO installed traffic lights.

Scope of executed works

  • tests, measurements and commissioning of the traffic light system
  • construction of power supply to the signaling system
  • installation of induction loops
  • execution of cable ducting with cable signaling lines
  • installation of the traffic light controller
  • installation of a buton for pedestrians
  • installation of signaling devices
  • assembly of masts with foundations

Location of project

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