Road and roadside infrastructure

Traffic engineering in Olsztyn


City of Olsztyn


Municipal Construction Design Office Inc.

Time of implementation

2017 – 2020


Implementation details

In the 1960s, trams were the main means of communication in the capital of Warmia, although their routes ran mainly around the center and allowed for movement in a relatively small are of the city. Half a century later, the growing demand for public transport prompted the authorities of Olsztyn to expand the existing rail transport system with a new tram line connecting the Jaroty district with the High Gate Transfer Junction.

ELDRO participated in this undertaing as a contractor of traffic lights projects along Piłsudskiego, Wyszyńskiego, Synów Pułku, Krasickiego and Wilczyńskiego Streets – up to the Pieczewo housing estate. These projects were implemented in accordance with the Ordering Party’s guidelines and the specificity of the ITS – SCATS system operating in the city.

The tasks of our engineers included, among others:

  • development of road traffic engineering projects
  • cooperation with other contractors and subcontractors of tram tracks
  • reconciliation of documentation with the Police and Road Administration in Olsztyn

Scope of executed works

  • calculation of green times in accordance with the Ordinance of the Minister of Infrastructure of 23 December 2003 on detailed technical conditions for road signs and signals and road safety devices and the conditions of their placement on roads
  • performing a traffic simulation to present the applied road solutions
  • redesign of the intersection with traffic lights as part of the construction of a tram line
  • design and implementation of the signaling phase system and the traffic lights program in accordance with the specificity of the SCATS system
  • design works including vehicle detection and detection of pedestrians and cyclists on all pedestrian and bicycle crossings
  • design works in the field of traffic lights and the arrangement of the designed masts, signaling devices and induction loops

Location of project