Road and roadside infrastructure

Street lighting program „Brighter Gdańsk”


The Directorate for the Development of the City of Gdańsk

Time of implementation

2016 – 2025


Implementation details

In order to improve the safety and comfort of pedestrians and cyclists, the Gdańsk City Development Directorate implements the „Brighter Gdańsk” program, aimed at illuminating communication routes that are not equipped with street lamps or sufficiently illuminated.

Thanks to the inventory carried out by the Road and Greenery Authority in Gdańsk, 500 locations were selected for the new street lamps. The points covered by the program were selected through the analysis of a series of indicators, such as the number of inhabitants and the number of interventions they initiate, access to public institutions or notifications from city authorities. The project lasts from 2016 to 2025, with 4 stages of work completed by 2020, investing 31 million PLN and providing additional lighting to over 200 locations.

As part of the „Brighter Gdańsk” project, ELDRO implemented projects within:

  • Tarasy street and Cygańska Góra street (connecting with Sobieskiego street)
  • Adam Rybicki square at Zielony Trójkąt street
  • Wilków Morskich street

Scope of executed works

  • securing the existing energy networks

  • development of the existing lighting cabinets and installation of new design cabinets
  • laying lighting cable lines and connecting tchem to lighting poles
  • installation of poles and lighting fixtures and equipping them with lighting controllers

Location of project

Other Smart City implementation

  • Development of the AED defibrillator system in Gdańsk

    17 December 2021

  • Biskupia Górka in Gdańsk

    10 June 2021

  • Extension of the Nowa Warszawska tram line in Gdańsk

    1 March 2021