Industrial installations and automation, Security systems

Security systems and electrical installations in Kościerzyna Brewery


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Old Brewery Kościerzyna is a place in Kashubia that is a showcase of the region. Several years of revitalization of the complex of facilities allowed to return to the brewing traditions already present in this place. However, they had to be equipped with modern systems and installations that were made by us in two buildings:

  • Old Brewery Kościerzyna – in which there is a shopping mall, restaurant and hotel areas as well as a brewhouse
  • Brewery Kościerzyna as the second industrial facility – it is the production part of the enterprise on an industrial scale

As part of the works carried out, current and low-voltage installations, both inside and outside the buildings, were installed. In addition, basic, emergency and evacuation lighting was made. We were also responsible for cabling and connecting the production part of the Brewery. Our tasks also included the implementation of security systems, such as: alarm, access control and video monitoring.

Since the implemenation of this project, we have been carrying out periodic reviews of the above-mentioned installations and systems, and additionally we also service systems: SSP and smoke extraction in buildings.

Scope of executed works

  • carrying out the wiring of the electrical installation
  • execution of channel routes and arrangement of WLZ
  • delivery and assembly of electrical switchboards
  • delivery, assembly and commissioning of a power generator
  • carrying out the instllation, assembly of devices and commissioning with programming of the SSP system and smoke vents

  • execution of low-voltage instllations (alarm, monitoring, access control)

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