Road and roadside infrastructure

Reconstruction of the Stogi tram line in Gdańsk


The Directorate for the Development of the City of Gdańsk


Aldesa Construcciones Polska Ltd.

Time of implementation

2018 – 2020


Implementation details

The reconstruction of the tram infrastructure in the Gdańsk district of Stogi, covering the streets of Budzysza, Stryjewskiego and Nowotnej, took almost 2 years. The investment was carried out as part of the Gdańsk City Transport Project and covered both the modernization of the tram traction and road surface, as well as the construction of supplementary architecture – a bicycle path and a pedestrian sidewalk.

The condition of the tracks before the renovation did not allow low-floor vehicles to run on this route. Now the vehicles that are adapted to the needs of disabled and the transport of prams, reach all the way to the beach in Stogi.

ELDRO was involved in two stages of the investment, during which a total of 3,700 metres of tracks and two loops were reconstructed – the “Pasanil” tram and bus terminus (approx. 350 m long) and the “Plaża Stogi” tram terminus (approx. 450 m long). On the termini, apart from regular tracks, delivery tracks also appeared, and tram stops were equipped with Passenger Information System boards, displaying the arrival and departure times of trams as well as the carrier’s messages.

Scope of executed works

  • electrical works
  • construction of a technological canal on the modernized section of the road
  • configuration of OWT and LWT cabinets and traffic light controllers in order to connect devices to the TRISTAR system

Location of project