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Photovoltaic installations


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Time of implementation

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Implementation details

Photovoltaics is the most dynamically developing branch of the renewable energy industry, which is available on a large scale to both enterprises and private individuals. The importance of the latter group is confirmed by the data, according to which in 2019 almost 75% of the power produced in Poland comes from home installations, i.e. from the so-called prosumers. The remaining 25% of micro-installations belonged mainly to enterprises.

We make installations for prosumers (up to 50kWp) and larger investments. We carry out such tasks in a comprehensive manner, because our employees have a number of training courses and all authorizations to design, manufacture and service photovoltaic installations. In addition, we cooperate with all leading manufacturers of photovoltaic modules and inverters. We assemble both traditional systems as well as installations with power optimizers and microinverters.

We also have experience in building warning signals with the use of photovoltaic panels, commissioned by local government units. Such solutions enable the installation of signaling in places, where it would be difficult or even impossible to connect a standard power supply. The low maintenance cost of such an installation is an additional advantage.

Data from the Report of the Institute of Renewable Energy „The photovoltaic market in Poland”

Scope of executed works

  • preparing the project
  • assembly of a rail structure, optimizers, photovoltaic modules and an inverter
  • complete cabling
  • starting the system and taking measurements
  • periodic inspections and post-warranty service
  • preparation of documentation necessary to sign a contract with an energy operator
  • support in obtaining subsidies (e.g. from the „My Current” program)