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Pedestrian button with additional features


road infrastructure administrators


ELDRO Group R&D project

Time of implementation

since 2014

Implementation details

In line with trends of change and technological development of cities within the Smart City and IOT concepts, we have designed and produced an APB-02 pedestrian button, an excellent addition to traffic lights system. It stands out from other products available on the market due to:

  • LED animation
  • audible beaconing with sound control responsive to ambient sound
  • extra space on the button housing for additional information (e.g. on the topology of the crossing for the blind)
  • being made of materials which are resistant to weather conditions, fire, chemicals, and vandalism
  • modern design

The APB-02 pedestrian button meets the requirements of the PN EN 50293 standard as well as the requirements of EMC Directive 89/336/EEC (it is marked with CE symbols); it has also received a registered design patent. Since 2014 we have been installing APB-02 pedestrian buttons and selling them in Poland and abroad.

Since 2019 we have been working on the development of a system that would support traffic management on a pedestrian crossing in a way that enhances pedestrian and cyclists’ safety and comfort.

Scope of executed works

  • devising an appliance a which meets legal standards while bearing a modern design and additional functionalities
  • producing the APB-02 button and its implementation in the cities
  • analysis of demand for other functionalities of the button and assessing the possibility of their implementation
  • design of a system which would enhance the safety and comfort of pedestrians (done within the scope of research and development work)

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