Road and roadside infrastructure

Nowa Bulońska street in Gdańsk


The Directorate for the Development of the City of Gdańsk


NDI Inc.

Time of implementation

2018 – 2020


Implementation details

Construction of Nowa Bulońska street (Paweł Adamowicz alley), which is to connect Piecki-Migowo district with the southern districts of the city, is one of the most important investments implemented in Gdańsk in recent years. A new road, a tram line and a bicycle path were built on the approximately 2.7 km long road. The accompanying infrastructure was also built. The accompanying infrastructure was also built.

As a subcontractor of NDI we carried out works in the field of electrics, teletechnics and road traffic engineering. Our tasks included, among others, implementation of a teletechnological channel covering the optical fiber line, construction of traffic lights in 8 locations and design of traffic organization project for 7 intersections. We were also responsible for the installation of Passenger Information System boards. In the end, all devices were configured and connected to the Integrated Traffic Management System TRISTAR.

Scope of executed works

  • preparation of road traffic engineering projects
  • construction of induction termini according to the traffic engineering project
  • construction of a fiber optic network in cable sewerage for local signal transmittion and data transmission between devices supporting the tram line and traffic control and supervision and control centers

  • construction of a technological channel along the entire section of the road under construction
  • installation of traffic light elements (including masts, signals and buttons)

  • installation of Passenger Information System boards with accesories
  • configuration of OWT and LWT cabinets and traffic light controllers in order to connect the devices with the TRISTAR system

Location of project