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Installation of energy-saving lighting in schools in Sopot


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Smart City activities are not only investments related to road infrastructure and transport, but also projects aimed at improving energy efficiency. This is well understood by the City of Sopot, which has decided to implement the project „Comprehensive Energy modernization of public buildings in Sopot”, co-financed by the European Union.

As part of this task, educational and care buildings were subjected to investments aimed at growing savings through the introduction of Energy Management System. Some of these buildings have undergone thermal modernization and others have gained photovoltaic installations. The interior lighting was also modernized and replaced with energy-saving and compliant with the required intensity standards.

Asa a subcontractor of ENGIE, we have completed works in the field of electrics and lighting modernization in two facilities:

  • Continuing Education Center in Sopot
  • The Complex of Commercial Schools in Sopot

Therefore, the implementation of this project means not only lower energy, which is associated with the above-mentioned savings and improvement of air quality in the city. It is also an increase in the comfort of learning and work in educational institutions in Sopot.

Scope of executed works

  • electrical measurements
  • dismantling of the existing lighting fixtures
  • assembly and connection of LED luminaires
  • modernization of the lighting installation

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