Road and roadside infrastructure

Infrastructure along bicycle paths


The Directorate for the Development of the City of Gdańsk


private entities
e.g. WPRD Gravel Ltd., STRABAG Ltd., MTM Inc.

Time of implementation

since 2017


Implementation details

The popularity of bicycles as a means of urban transport has been steadily increasing in recent years. Practical aspects, such as the possibility of avoiding traffic jams or the lack of parking fees, as well as the growing public awareness of health and ecology, mean that more and more lovers of two wheels appear on the streets.

The increase in the popularity of bicycle transport entails the dynamic development of the related infrastructure. According to official data, the network of bicycle routes in Gdańsk already has 829.6 km, of which 55.3 km (i.e. approx. 7%) are bicycle contra-flow lanes*.

The construction of bicycle paths is accompanied by the development of infrastructure that affects the safety of traffic participants – including traffic lights, road lighting and monitoring. ELDRO has already completed several projects related to their expansion, participating in, among others, in investments at:

  • bicycle path along Haller street
  • walking and cycling path running from Świętokrzyska street to the Oruński Park and the path leading to the Augustów Reservoir
  • a bicycle route running along Potokowa street (on the section from PKM Brętowo to
  • J. Słowacki street)
  • bicycle path along Turystyczna and Bogucki streets
  • the road from the Elbląska Junction to the border of the City of Gdańsk

  • bicycle route along Dmowskiego street (on the section from Grunwaldzka alley to the railway station at Gdańsk Wrzeszcz)
  • the bicycle path running along Miałki Szlak street
  • bicycle path at Legionów alley (on the section from Kościuszki street to Bronisław Komorowski square)

  • the route from Armii Krajowej street through Łostowicka street to Havel alley

Our current tasks take place at:

  • bicycle path along Grunwaldzka street (leading to Bitwy Oliwska street)
  • bicycle path at Wały Jagiellońskie street

* Source of statistical data:

Scope of executed works

  • construction and installation of traffic lights equipped with pedestrian, bicycle and pedestrian-bicycle lenses
  • securing the existing power grids and removing power and telecommunication conflicts
  • reconstruction of induction loops, construction of teletechnical ducts and regulation of electric and teletechnical wells
  • installation of CCTV video monitoring
  • installation of street lighting

Location of project