Security systems, Industrial installations and automation

Electrical and teletechnical installations in an industrial hall


private investor

Time of implementation

2019 – 2020

Implementation details

During the modernization of an industrial hall of 2000 m2, we completed electrical and teletechnical works in the production space as well as in the technical and office backup facilities. They included:

  • comprehensive replacement of lighting (distribution of power cables for lighting fixtures under the roof, mounting the fixtures using a suspension method – i.e. on lifting cables attached to the hall ceiling – and equipping the fixtures with emergency power supply batteries)
  • execution of the hall monitoring system and installation of the alarm system (installation of CCTV cameras and construction of a dedicated power supply circuit with guaranteed power supply)

  • execution of full cabling on the newly built technical and office facilities (including the laying of the power cord for the office facilities and installation of the office switchgear)

Scope of executed works

  • making measurements and checking activities
  • execution of electrical and teletechnical installations in the rooms as well as installations related to connecting machines
  • delivery and start-up of the burglary and assault signaling system installation
  • connection of sockets and cameras into a local network
  • construction of new cable routes for the needs of teletechnical wires together with equipotential bonding
  • installation of CCTV devices
  • installation of a video intercom
  • expansion of the main switchboard and construction of the Main Distribution Point
  • construction of a lighting switchgear and connecting the internal power line to it
  • installation of basic and evacuation lighting fixtures as well as power cables

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