Road and roadside infrastructure

Development of the AED defibrillator system in Gdańsk


City of Gdańsk



Time of implementation

2019, 2021



Implementation details

Installed defibrillators automate the diagnosis of treatable rhythms and allow even bystanders to use them successfully with little or no training. The equipment is meant to support the life-saving of citizens of need in the urbanized areas before the ambulance arrives.

In Poland, Tricity is one of the leaders in the application of first aid devices in public space. Defibrillators are gradually implemented in areas such as:

  • public facilities (e.g., police stations, post offices and municipal institutions of culture and sports
  • bus and tram stops as well as train stations
  • recreation areas (public parks, piers, promenades)
  • the vicinity of shopping centers, shops, and street markets
  • junctions and high traffic pedestrian routes

Scope of executed works

  • preparation of design documentation for each of the 37 locations
  • design and construction of an electricity connection to supply power for the AED cabinets
  • mounting of the AED cabinets in the designated spaces, either onto the wall or on a stand