Industrial installations and automation

Control and Automation Equipment (FAT) tests on a drilling platform


LOTOS Serwis Ltd.

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Implementation details

The Petrobaltic drilling platform is part of the development of the B8 oil field, located in the Polish economic zone of the Baltic Sea, approx. 70 km north of Jastarnia. Over the last 5 years it has undergone a comprehensive renovation and reconstruction, including, among others, hull inspection, repair of legs and tanks, maintenance of plating, cleaning and painting of the bottom and stern, piping inspection and replacement of the drilling rig shift system.

In the final phase of the platform’s renovation, ELDRO performed FAT tests (Factory Acceptance Test) – specialized control and acceptance tests to verify whether individual devices, installations and automation systems are working properly and are compatible. The conducted measurements also allowed to determine the compliance of the actual capabilities of the devices with their technical specifications and assumed expectations.

Scope of executed works

  • preparing a post-inspection report
  • performing overvoltage of devices in case of detection of irregularities
  • making corrections to documentation
  • checking sensors and transducers by physically setting pressure, temperature and level
  • circuit continuity control

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