Road and roadside infrastructure, Intelligent Transport Systems

Contraflow bus lane in the city of Gdynia


The City of Gdynia

Time of implementation



Implementation details

The goal of the project was to reduce traffic congestion with additional lanes for public transportation, allowing them to move in directions independent from the main car flow.

The contraflow bus lane was built along a 1.1 km long section of Chwarznieńska Street in Gdynia, which joins the districts of Chwarzno and Witomino. The lane is used during peak hours or in case of physical constraints on the road. It improves the traffic flow of public transport, allowing the passengers traveling towards the city center from western districts of Gdynia to reduce the time of their travel by up to 10 minutes.

We implemented several aspects of Intelligent Transport System (ITS) into this project:

  • traffic light controllers
  • variable messages signs
  • prism signs (PVMS)
  • bluetooth and wireless sensor systems
  • video surveillance cameras

All devices have been connected to the TRISTAR Integrated Traffic Management System, which allows us to monitor driving conditions on the road and to manage priorities within public transport flow.

ELDRO BUDOWA was the main contractor of this innovative project.

Scope of executed works

  • integration with the TRISTAR Traffic Management System
  • re-construction of the road design under the project
  • installation of gantries and poles
  • installation of conduits for electrical installations
  • mounting of ITS devices
  • redevelopment and construction of traffic lights with the functionality of handling priority reports for public transport vehicles

Location of project