Industrial installations and automation

Construction of a telecommunications network


Municipal company Żukowo Ltd.

Time of implementation

since 2016

Implementation details

Telecommunications networks are systematically modernized in the Żukowo Commune. Depending on the area covered by the works, we were responsible for the construction of the teletechnical sewage or its reconstruction and protection.

As part of the works performed, we have built such elements as: distribution chambers (SK-1, SKR-1, SKR-2), cable posts and earth cables. The network was secured with split pipes. The sewage system was made of HDPE material, which is durable, tight and highly resistant to chemical agents. In addition, a fiber optic cable haul was carried out, and our employees with appropriate permissions performed fiber optic welding.

Scope of executed works

  • construction of telecommunications cable in the ground
  • construction of distribution chambers, cable posts and hydraulic buttons
  • construction of a sewage system made of HDPE 40 pipes
  • connecting and switching the teletechnical cable

  • securing the teletechnical network with split pipes
  • hauling and welding of optical fibers