Industrial installations and automation

Charging stations for electric vehicles


public and private entities



Time of implementation



throughout Poland

Implementation details

Our experience in designing power connections and installation of devices within road infrastructure, parking lots, and public facilities has lead us to cooperation with Greenway, the operator of the largest network of charging stations for electric vehicles in Poland.

The building of infrastructure for electric cars is a crucial for the development of electromobility as well as a means of promoting ecological and environmentally friendly solutions.

We install AC and DC charging stations nationwide, both in public spaces such as Motorway Service Stations and in areas that belong to private investors such as petrol stations, car dealerships, hotels, and office buildings.

Scope of executed works

  • completion of vertical and horizontal marking
  • configuration and activation of chargers
  • performing measurement works, examinations and technical tests necessary in the acceptance documentation of The Office of Technical Inspection
  • mounting charging stations on the foundations
  • installation of power cable lines
  • preliminary works
  • installation of cable connectors