Road and roadside infrastructure

Biskupia Górka in Gdańsk


The Directorate for the Development of the City of Gdańsk



Time of implementation

2018 – 2021


Implementation details

Construction of the Biskupia Górka viaduct and reconstruction of Trakt st. Wojciecha, Zaroślak, Okopowa, Nowe Podwale Grodzkie, Augustyńskiego and Toruńska streets is one of the most anticipated investments recently. The modernization of the road system connecting Śródmieście with the southern districts of Gdańsk and the national road No. 91, running to the south of Poland, was aimed at improving communication and increasing the transport accessibility of the city and the seaport.

As part of the investment, the old road viaduct was demolished and a new one was erected in its place. Two lanes of the viaduct have already been opened, and in the next stage of the works, bus lanes running in both directions will be commissioned. Both on the Biskupia Górka viaduct and on the routes leading to it, ELDRO installed traffic lights along with ITS system devices, which significantly increase road safety.

Scope of executed works

  • disassembly of the old and construction of the new traffic lights

  • construction of induction loops
  • installation of signaling masts, signaling devices and traffic light controllers
  • installation of telecommunication cabinets and red light registration systems
  • construction of a service channel in the road part and on engineering structures (including bridges erected as part of the investment)
  • installation of video detectors, cameras and lamps
  • execution and implementation of temporary traffic organization projects (during the execution of works)

Location of project

Other Smart City implementation

  • Development of the AED defibrillator system in Gdańsk

    17 December 2021

  • Street lighting program „Brighter Gdańsk”

    21 June 2021

  • Extension of the Nowa Warszawska tram line in Gdańsk

    1 March 2021