Industrial installations and automation, Security systems

Automation in a sewage treatment plant



Time of implementation

2019 – 2021


Implementation details

The sewage treatment plant in Kolczyn, located in the commune of Józefów on the Vistula River, is an investment that has been expected by local authorities and residents for years. It is a facility that uses biological and mechanical processes for cleaning.

In 2020, the treatment plant underwent a comprehensive modernization and expansion. The T247 company was entrusted with the task of performing electrical installations and I&C installations (Control and Measurement Equipment and Automation). The work covered most of the facilities located on the site of the treatment plant – including the technological building, multifunctional reactors, sludge thickening tank, sludge storage and aerobic stabilization tank, measuring wells, automatic drainage station, raw sewage pumping station, transported sewage retention tank, blower station, sludge dewatering and ventilation switchgear.

The treatment plant was modernized in accordance with modern technologies, facilitating supervision over the course of the treatment process and maintaining efficient infrastructure. Control and Measurement Equipment and Automation enables verification of a number of indicators, such as:

  • working time of individual devices
  • information about equipment downtime/performance
  • failures in the system
  • process readings
  • concentration of physicochemical factors (e.g. oxygen)
  • pressure level

T247 provided a dispatching station equipped with software for the visualization of the above-mentioned indicators, illustrating the technological process of biological and mechanical treatment.

Scope of executed works

  • installation of water- and gas-tight culverts in the foundation
  • execution of control joints and installation of down-conductors
  • assembly of lighting poles and tubular booms
  • installation of external lighting fixtures equipped with motion sensors
  • assembly of switchgears with the necessary power supply
  • assembly of cable trays and laying of cables
  • connection of the generator
  • laying and processing of signaling and control cables
  • installation of luminaires inside buildings (including emergency and evacuation luminaires)

Location of project

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