Industrial installations and automation, Security systems

Access control, monitoring and alarm system at the Gdańsk University of Technology


Gdańsk University of Technology

Time of implementation

since 2016


Implementation details

The Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology is one of the buildings of the Gdańsk University of Technology, which has been systematically modernized for several years. We participate in this process by performing electrical and teletechnical installations or implementing solutions in the field of building automation.

As part of this task, we have performed:

  • access control system – thanks to the solution implemented by ROGER, the identification of people using individual rooms can be correct and quick. Additionally, it has been connected to the SATEL brand alarm system.
  • video monitoring system – based on the solution by NOVUS

  • burglary and assault signaling system – to perform this form of securing people and property, solutions of a renowned manufacturer of alarm system equipment – SATEL were used.
  • fiber-optic networks system – consisting of connecting access points and rack cabinets in optical technology. The use of optical fibers has significantly increased the capacity of the bandwidth in the building.

In addition, since 2016 our employees have been responsible for the maintenance and service of the above systems, the ongoing removal of failures and faults, as well as systematic expansion with new elements.

Scope of executed works

  • configuration and commissioning of individual systems
  • installation and connection of cameras to the monitoring system
  • construction of a teletechnical network based on both copper cabling and fiber optic installations
  • replacement of cables and devices for the access control system

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