Eco-Prop EN

Recirculation fan for livestock farming

  • High energy efficiency
  • Provides sufficient air flow
  • Reduces temperature differences in the animal house
  • Can be integrated into a cage system
  • Provides a homogeneous composition of the climate in the animal house
  • High-speed and low-speed versions
  • Enables accurate regulation
  • Low noise level
  • CE-compliant

The ECO-Prop recirculation fan for livestock farming

The main benefit of the ECO-Prop is its energy efficiency. Its large diameter enables this Stienen fan to displace the same amount of air as conventional, smaller fans, but at a much lower speed. This has three advantages:

  • 1. considerable energy savings
  • 2. low noise level
  • 3. reduced draughts and/or dehydration symptoms

The ECO-Prop is covered in wire mesh or plastic sheeting and can be controlled accurately using the Stienen MPM-5 or SPM-6/12 power controller or a frequency drive.

A – 881mm
B – 292mm
C – 35mm
D – 13mm

current0.78 A0.88 A
load90 W135 W
noise level50 dB53 dB
air volume5400 m3/h7500 m3/h
weight12.45 kg12.45 kg


  • 230Vac-50/60HZ supply voltage
  • protection category casing: IP-25
  • protection category engine: IP-55
  • min. ambient temp.: -5°C
  • max. ambient temp.: 40°C