Aerowing EN

Air inlet with constant and independent air throw

  • Aerodynamic design
  • Constant 22-degree air throw, even at minimum ventilation
  • Minimum risk of freezing
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Can be expanded modularly to create tunnel inlets
  • Easy to control using Stienen equipment

Accurate and constant ventilation

The secret of a healthy climate is to provide your animals with the right volume of fresh air at the right speed in the right place. Your animals don’t care how the air leaves the house. What matters to them is how it comes in!

The primary requirement for a healthy climate is a good air distribution. The temperature in the house should remain constant and draughts avoided. Sufficient air exchange is necessary to remove CO2, ammonia and dust to keep your animals healthy.

Stienen BE has developed the AeroWing to optimise the distribution of the air throughout your poultry house under all conditions.

The AeroWing ensures a constant air movement, keeping your animals healthy and optimising their performance!

Due to its special design, the AeroWing air inlet offers the following unique benefits:

  • 1. constant and independent incoming air throw
  • 2. minimum risk of freezing

Constant and independent incoming air throw

The aerodynamic design of the AeroWing gives the incoming air a 22-degree angle. This creates a pre-defined air throw path, enabling any kind of ventilation, regardless of the roof structure. A constant air throw is even guaranteed at minimum ventilation.

DECREASE PRESSURE If the ventilation level is 70% or higher, the pressure can be lowered to apply displacement ventilation.

For floor housing, the AeroWing can be installed at a low height, since the air throw is independent of the roof slope. An additional advantage of this is that obstacles at roof height, such as roof trusses, lighting or winch-suspended feed and water lines, do not affect the air distribution.

For aviary or cage housing systems, the AeroWing can be placed high up to ensure ventilation between the roof and the housing system.

Minimal risk of freezing

Cold incoming air cools the hot and moist air in the house, causing condensation. This condensate may cause moving parts to freeze. The AeroWing avoids this problem in three ways:

TypeLayersCol-out (mm)Rear view (mm)Front view (mm)Capacity (m3/h)Force
widthheightwidthheightwidthheight10 Pa20 Pa30 Pa40 PaKg

* A width and height tolerance of a few mm have been taken into consideration for the cut-out dimensions.


  • constant and independent air throw
  • minimum risk of freezing
  • seperate components to save 30% of transport volume
  • very easy to assemble
  • long service life due to the use of stainless steel and plastic materials
  • perfect in combination with other Stienen BE equipment


  • can be expanded vertically using 1 or more connecting piece(s)
  • can be expanded modularly to create a tunnel inlet
  • • spring opening and spring closing
  • available with a plastic grille
  • available with a pulley
  • available with a rod guide