The ELDRO Group consists of 6 specialized closely cooperating companies.

We are ready to complete even very demanding tasks and projects comprehensively.

A contractor who executes projects in infrastructure construction, industrial installations, road traffic lights, street lighting, and fiber-optic networks. The company also constructs and improves electric power systems and telecommunications systems.


The company carries out contracts for the maintenance of technical infrastructure, electrical wiring, power and telecommunication installations, ITS devices, road traffic lights, and street lighting. It operates 24/7, 365 days a year.


The company carries out innovative technological projects and develops original IT solutions for managing technical infrastructure and maintenance services. It consists of Smart City Department and Traffic Engineering Department, which carry out projects and implementation work within ITS.


Combines the potential of ELDRO BUDOWA and ALSAT, which jointly implement projects in  electrical and telecommunications engineering as well as in industrial automation.


Provides maintenance service for electrical, power, and telecommunications installations as well as for industrial automation systems and equipment. A unit created as a result of a cooperation between ELDRO SERWIS and ALSAT.


The company brings together the experience and technological background of three enterprises, which have been cooperating for years: ELDRO BUDOWA, ELDRO SERWIS, and ZUIR Gdynia. They execute projects for infrastructure and TRISTAR system maintenance in the city of Gdynia.


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