In February 1992, as a result of denationalization of the Roads and Bridges Corporation (PDiM), the employees of the Road Traffic Safety Corporation (constituting one of the organizational units of PDiM) established an employee company under the name Engineering Services Corporation ELDRO-FL Ltd. Two months later, on April 1st, the company started to operate and has been operating ever since. Over the last 23 years Engineering Services Corporation ELDRO-FL Ltd, a small company, turned into a strong successful one and has been awarded numerous times.




From the beginning of its activity, ELDRO-FL Ltd has systematically extended the range of its services as well as the area of its operation. The gained experience and further development plans in 2015 brought about an establishment of three new companies by the shareholders of the corporation: ELDRO TECHNOLOGIE, ELDRO BUDOWA, and ELDRO SERWIS. Today each of them is developing a different branch of specific activity of the Corporate Group ELDRO.


In 1992, when ELDRO was making its first steps in the industry of street light-signaling devices, it built 6 devices and took care of maintenance of 73 light-signaling devices within the area of Gdansk. Today ELDRO manages maintenance of 240 devices in Gdansk only, while the number of all devices constructed and upgraded within these 23 years has exceeded 580 sets. At the beginning ELDRO operated only in Gdansk and Sopot. Currently on commission of GDDKiA (General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways) and other road authorities and commune offices the company provides 24/7 maintenance of innovative light-signaling systems in Pomerania province at 410 intersections, being also constantly present in over 20 other cities. It also participates in upgrades of road junctions and traffic routes as a subcontractor from the power and telecommunication industry. So far the company has executed over 300 construction and working designs. It has also performed 48 tasks in terms of street lighting systems construction and landmark illumination. The pace of development of the company has significantly increased since Poland’s accession to the European Union, when large road investments have started and provided new opportunities and new job openings. As a result over the last 23 years the employment in ELDRO has grown from 7 people to 90 employees. The company’s office and technical facilities have developed too. What is more, last year the company extended its field of activity by execution of innovative IT projects, of which the employees of ELDRO TECHNOLOGIE take care.


Offer currently upgraded.


One of the key tasks of ELDRO is to ensure proper functioning of traffic lights. A 24/7 Monitoring Center operates as part of the company ELDRO SERWIS to supervise their work; its employees constantly analyze the condition of the technical infrastructure. An access to the innovative system makes it possible to immediately localize the malfunction, which significantly reduces the time of its repair. Highly qualified interventional technical teams with specialized equipment take care of the repairs. Typical ELDRO cars can be seen not only in Tri-city, but in the whole Pomerania; they virtually constitute small, yet well-equipped workshops that make it possible to immediately react and solve even highly complex technical issues. In case when simulation of the software or equipment is required to localize the damage, the maintenance technicians use the laboratory in the company’s office, where they can conduct specialized tests.


The dynamic development of Group ELDRO is possible due to cooperation with leading investors, partners, and contractors. Some of the most important ones are: ZDiZ Gdansk (Municipal Road and Tree Management Board), GDDKiA Gdansk branch, GIK Sp. z o.o., ZDiZ Sopot, and ZDW Gdansk (Province Roads Authorities). The key general contractors, for whom ELDRO renders services as a subcontractor, are: Budimex S.A., Strabag Sp. z o.o., SKANSKA S.A., MTM S.A., WPRD Sp. z o.o., Doraco Sp. z o.o., and Qumak S.A. The technological partners cooperating with ELDRO in terms of supplies of devices and systems are Siemens Sp. z o.o., Satel S.A., Imtech Traffic & Infra Sp. z o.o., MSR TRAFFIC Sp. z o.o., APM PRO Sp. z o.o., Grupa ZIR, and Acel Sp. z o.o, among others. The suppliers of vehicles, machines, and equipment are Caterpillar, Ford, Subaru, Wacker Neuson, Hilti, Makita, MAN, Renault, Karcher,, DELL, and HP, among others.

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Companies of the Corporate Group ELDRO are not only well-functioning entities in the local market, but also an environment where we express ourselves and our beliefs through the organizational culture. The values we believe in, openness to changes, constant improvement, as well as respect for the society and individual determine the way in which we function. For over 25 years we have been engaged in the activity of the Traffic Engineering Association (KLIR), the founders of which are the members of the board of the Corporate Group ELDRO – Mirosław Eggert and Karol Kisiel. The meetings organized as part of the Association constitute an inspiration for development thanks to exchange of experiences and the opportunity to learn about latest global solutions and technologies in the field of traffic engineering. We make all effort to be a socially responsible company – an active member of the local community supporting development and providing help. We take care of two children with disabilities the rehabilitation of whom we fund through foundations established for that purpose. Every year we also fund plays in theatres for the little patients of Polanki Children’s Hospital. Additionally, we also support vocational development of the students from the Secondary Technical School Complex of Communication Technology named after the Defenders of Polish Post in Gdansk, helping them in preparing to enter the job market through financial aid provided to vocational workshops.


We have been in the Pomeranian market for over two decades; our goal has been not to only provide products and render services of the highest quality, but also to develop internally and improve in terms of organization. We are glad that our engagement and obtained results have been noticed and appreciated through numerous commendations and awards. The following are the ones that made us especially proud:

• award for implementation of innovative technologies in terms of traffic management and accommodative traffic lights with fire department vehicles priority at national road no. 1 in Pruszcz Gdanski granted by the editorial board of “Polskie Drogi” and Road and Bridge Research Institute (in 2007)

• two awards of „Gepardy Biznesu Województwa Pomorskiego” (Business Cheetah of Pomerania) granted in 2008 and 2012

• two commendations with the title of FORBES DIAMOND (in 2010 and 2014)

ELDRO-FL has also been awarded the title of “Effective Company” and “Certificate of Business Credibility” many times by the international business credit reporting company D&B Poland for the highest evaluation of the company’s stability (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016). We have also been granted the title “Pomeranian Employer of 2014” in the category of medium enterprises by the organization Pomerania’s Employers (2015).





The Corporate Group ELDRO considers employees to be the highest value of the company. A motivated competent well-knit team is our secret recipe for effectiveness, infallibility, and high quality of the rendered services. The key group of the people employed in the company are installation electricians and installation technicians, as well as telecom engineering, electrical, and energy production experts, but our daily activities are supported also by professionals working in the area of tendering, purchase, production, sale, administration, as well as research and development. This tab includes information about the current vacancies. But even if we are not currently recruiting, we are open to get to know new talented people. We appreciate active attitude and the ability to follow one’s professional ambitions. Therefore, if you want to become a member of the ELDRO team, send us your CV and cover letter to the following address: Let us know what you can do, what your strong suits are, and why you want to work with us. Perhaps it is you who is missing in our team!